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We’ve all dreamed of that perfect luxury vacation – the one that checks every box for an amazing getaway. But turning that dream into reality can be easier said than done. That’s where the travel experts at Westin Travel come in. Their specialty is creating personalized luxury journeys tailored to match your unique vision. 

Discovering Your Ideal Experience


It all starts with a conversation to get to know you and what kind of experience you want from your vacation. Like getting travel tips from a close friend, your personal travel curator at Westin Travel will ask about your interests, preferences, and what makes you feel pampered and relaxed.


Do you love food and want amazing culinary adventures? Are you an adrenaline junkie seeking outdoor thrills? Or maybe you just want to unwind at a peaceful resort and disconnect from the world. Whatever your travel idyll entails, they’ll listen closely to craft an itinerary that delivers your dream trip.


“So many times, our clients don’t even realize all the possibilities for a perfect vacation experience until we explore it together,” said Chrissy Hoffman, a veteran travel curator at Westin Travel. “That’s when the real magic happens of creating an extraordinary personalised journey.”


A Journey Made Just for You  


With an incredible global network of hotel, cruise, tour, and transportation partners, Westin Travel has a wealth of options at their fingertips. But they won’t just piece together an off-the-shelf package and call it good.  


Your personal travel curator will meticulously design a trip narrative that flawlessly connects your desires with amazing destinations and experiences. They’ll carefully sequence each element from luxurious accommodation to exclusive activities, private guided tours, and seamless transportation. It all harmoniously brings your unique vacation vision to life.


The Westin Difference


“Our role is to ensure our clients can spend their entire vacation being 100% present and immersed in the experience,” said Hoffman. “We take care of every single logistics, so they can leave all the stress and planning behind.”


That’s the Westin Travel difference. You get a luxury vacation experience thoughtfully crafted around your specific wants and needs, not just another generic travel package. 


So stop trying to plan your dream trip through impersonal websites and reservations calls. Connect with Westin Travel’s personal travel curators who have the expertise to turn your vacation dreams into an unforgettable personalised reality. Your ultimate journey awaits.




Don’t settle for a generic, cookie-cutter vacation package. With Westin Travel’s personalized expertise, you can embark on an exquisitely curated travel odyssey that channels the very essence of what you desire from an unforgettable luxury journey.

Let them transform your wanderlust imagination into brilliantly executed reality.

Discover the World, one Full Adventure at a Time!

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